Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Keilani Smith!

I have a great success story to tell. Despite the lay off, Keilani is yet searching for work. She currently works for The Girl Scouts, but it does not stop there. She come to the Educational Outreach Center on her days off and job search. Today she told me that she is going on a second interview with The YMCA. I asked her how did she hear about this position and she said, by coming up to the EOC and get on the computer. I was so excited for her, not only for her getting the interview but because she still come to South Dallas and use our computer lab. See! when you build friendships and continue to check on others even though they are not around as much, they will never forget the good people in their lives. I am glad that we were able to stay here in Turner Courts a little longer. Many are still saying! They don't know what they are going to do when they move, because they like coming to the EOC if it is just to have coffee and a descent conversation! I am soooo!! Proud of her!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rochester Park Crime Watch!!

Yah! We now have a crime watch committee. The name of the committee is The Rochester park crime Watch. It has been years since this area has had a committee. I am glad that we were able to get some of the residents as well as organizations to come on board. I am still connecting with people to get a whole lot more involved. this is greatly needed in this community. I invite anyone who wants to make a difference and be a part to come and join us. The next town Hall Meeting will be July 12, 2008 @ The Lord's Missionary Baptist Church, 6722 Bexar St, Dallas, Tx 75215. We are on a roll.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Time is Winding Down!!!

I now have some facts about the moving out of residents in Turner Courts. I listened in on a meeting yesterday that the manager had with the elderly residents of Turner Courts. They will be the first ones to leave. I am not sure when but she told them that they need to have in mind where they want to go. Some of them don't want to leave but, the reality is they are gonna have too whether they do or not. They are definitely going to tear them down. What I want to know is the deadline for all they residents to be gone. I also noticed how they are really coming along with Bexar street. One side is already finished, and now they are working on the other side. Soon it will be complete for the new Bexar street condos or apartments, which ever one they will be.

Another thing I think DHA should do is let all the residents know that when they do rebuild it is not going to be so easy to come back. Whatever they decide, I wish they would hurry up! I am tired of hearing he said she said stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! I am focused on our program but I do wonder, with the residents leaving will we have time to finish what we started!! Never the less, I am delighted to have met and got to know some people here and it was a pleasure to have met some our our city officials. If it was not for Janet's beliefs and determination to get me involved with the community, I may have never got to meet these good people. Thanks! Janet. I am going to miss each and everyone of them. Hopefully in the near future we will cross paths!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Making A Difference!!!

I am very much aware that DHA is planning to demolish Turner Courts, but that is not going to prevent us from fighting for what we believe in. We made a promise that we would continue to bring the community together until they tell us we have to move. If we keep going with our monthly meeting and start our crime watch committee, it will be a much better community. It does not matter about the demolish, when DHA rebuilds this community, then the crime watch committee will already be in effect. We have recently heard that we have some people who attend our meeting just to let the people who are bringing the community down know what is going on, and that has made some of the residents afraid to come to be a part of the meetings but that is OK! Those of us who are not afraid will keep on keeping on. I am protected by the greatest law enforcer in the world and that is GOD!!!!! Vengeance is His and with Him on our side we can't lose!!! I want to encourage anyone who reads this blog to never give up, but to fight the good fight!!!

We have come to far! Just the other day I witnessed the DPD enforcing the No Loitering sign at our neighborhood store called Bubba's, I felt so good when I saw that, I thought to myself it is really working, because today their was not one person hanging out in front of the store. I don't know how long it will last but it will work for now. The other big change is the fact that Ms. Hill the DART Rep informed me that they have not come across any trouble since they added the new route time!! She stated that the bus will run for at least 3 months if their is no problems, and then maybe, they will meet again to see if it will stay for definite. So! you see coming together and voicing your concerns does help!!

I want to leave you with this quote that I heard that touched my soul. " Failure looks behind, Fear looks around, and Faith looks forward" take a moment and soak this in, it is very fulfilling.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Time!!!

Summer is almost here. Wonder what the children and teens will be doing? I know some will attend Summer Camps but what about the others. Summer here in Turner Courts can get really wild. I am so glad that the community is coming together to start a Crime Watch Committee. It has been a long awaited process. Now we can begin working together to make this a better neighborhood.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

EOC In Full Swing!!

Despite the changes with DHA, residents are still taking advantage of the Educational Outreach Center. I have been having a full house. It feels good to see that the residents still need these services. We are not stopping now! When the time comes for us to move on, then and only then will I stop recruiting people for the EOC and PACE classes and our monthly Town Hall Meetings. I think that having the EOC in the community was a great plan. I would dearly hate to see it go away. Many residents are asking me if we will still have the EOC available for the residents and all I can say is we will see. I am pretty sure that whereever they relocate to, that there will be some sort of service for them like the EOC. I am staying hopeful!!! I will truly miss all of the people that have made an impact here at the EOC and in my life!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Staying Or Going!!

What is the true story? We have heard soo much about the tearing down of Turner Courts. I am confused. One minute, people are surpose to move out and the next they are not. What is going on! I need to know. I have started to really build relationships and get together training classes and the hardest thing that we had to fight for was the DART. I don't know what the future holds for us here in Turner Courts but I am sure that what we have done will still continue. I am going to keep doing what I am doing to help build the community until they tell me to stop!

Monday, May 12, 2008


I realize that this is only a trial run for the DART buses, but does the signs have to remain? I noticed today that the DART signs that say, No Service After 8pm is still posted on the DART signs. If they stay up, will people won't know that it really does come through after 8pm. I feel that even though it is a trial run, maybe more people will ride during those hours and within that it should strike up more awareness. I am not sure if they will come down, but I think that it should until they decide to stop running! What do you think? or what will they do with the signs?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Progress because of community effort!

Because of the hard work of people like Sylvia Baylor, Wyshina Harris, Sheila Oliver, Dana Arnick, June Mason, Mayella Lopez, Monique Dawson, Lori Cullom, Linda Haynes, and several others the 10:15 p.m. bus is back!!!! (Click on the dates underneath each picture to see video "then" and video "now") If you look at the first picture (below), you can also see that back then there also weren't any street lights...but there are now...thanks to those same people!

At this point, the 10:15 p.m. bus is not permanent. They are testing it out to see if it is safe for the bus drivers. Please help us keep the bus there! If anyone you know does something to hurt a bus or bus driver, please immediately call 9-1-1. If you see kids messing up the new swings, please stop them! If you see people shooting out the street lights, please call 9-1-1. Let's work together to keep our community safe, well-lit, and full of opportunities for the children and ourselves.

Turner Courts, December 7, 2007

Turner Courts, May 9, 2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I wanted to take some time to tell everyone about how the Educational Outreach Center has been a great investment to the community and surrounding areas. Lori Cullom who is a resident of Turner Courts and cook for Central Dallas Ministries. She has shown great determination in fulfilling her desire to work in the Medical field. She come at least 3 times a week to the EOC and search for a job in her field. Little did she know that by putting in her application on line faithfully would soon pay off, and it did. Sad! to say that she will be leaving us, I am glad that she has found a new job. The one thing that I like is that she did not have to ride the bus to the MLK Center and use their computer lab, she did it right in her own community. Another story I have is, on yesterday, my husband was telling me that his cousin that I referred to a job opening, (which he got the position), referred two other gentlemen,(who also got a position). I was like what! and then my husband said you need to put this on your blog, I was stunned that he still remembers that I blog. How great is this! I tell you! If things keep going the way that they are, I will be able to try to write my own book! Like one of my Mentors!!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not In Vain!!

See! I knew that our hard work would pay off one day. I did not really know if our efforts would make a difference. I often thought that the residents were starting to give up, but I was wrong! Those of us that are stilling hanging in there made a long awaited process move a little faster. This great thing that happen was one of our big projects, and that was letting DART know that their services are needed in Turner Courts. The stories that you read are true. We are soldiers, we believe in fighting for what is right for all, not some. The Bible says that we should treat others like we would want to be treated. Now I see, what God was telling me. Your work was not in vain! You will reap from what is sowed!

After some broken promises, DART comes through

I got a phone call from my friend, Mike Davis, this evening.

"Can you get some people together? DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) is reinstating their route through Turner Courts."

I immediately called Lori and Evette, who were at our Saturday Town Hall meeting with DART and had done their best to explain why bus service was needed through the apartments after 8:00. DART had promised that service would be reinstated by March 15, but didn't follow through on their promise. Their representative talked about statistics and dangerous conditions. Evette, Sheila, Lori, and Sylvia tried to help them understand the situation of people who get off work late and don't want to walk through a dark field at 10:00 at night; they told of people who take jobs based on bus service; Ms. Dana Arnette, with the Dallas Housing Authority, commented that she sometimes struggles to lease apartments because transportation is a concern for incoming residents.

Lori, Evette, Dana, Mike, and I met at Turner Courts at 10:00 this evening to anxiously await the bus's 10:15 arrival. A little after 10:15, we saw an older lady come out of the shadows from the end of Bexar Street, shuffling her feet, running as fast as she could. "The bus must be coming," someone observed. Sure enough, you could see it in the distance getting closer to the JBC corner store, which has been the last pick up/drop off point (after 8:00 p.m.) for the last several years.

Mike told the lady not to worry and assured her the bus would wait for her.

She kept shuffling as fast as she could, trying to get to the store.

We told her she could slow down because the bus was going to stop right here.

She kept shuffling and explained, "No, the bus doesn't stop here! It stops at the store up there."

We all began trying to convince her, "No, it's changed. The bus will stop here from now on."

She stopped running, but tried to explain to us, "See the sign. It says right there...No service after 8:00." (I wish I'd have taken a picture of the DART sign from the other side so you could see it).

We assured her tonight that was changing and the bus would now run through Turner Courts after 8:00 on a regular basis.

You should've seen her face. Though my pictures didn't turn out very well in the dark, she was somewhat older, had dress shoes on, and was coming from the church, I believe. The look on her face and her comments were absolutely priceless. "Really?? It's going to stop here from now on?? Oh, thank you Jesus!!" She seemed so relieved, surprised, skeptical, but thrilled. Her excitement nearly brought tears to my eyes.

As the bus pulled up and stopped, Dwaine Caraway, our city council person, stepped off along with about 3 Turner Courts residents who were coming home for the evening. One young adult getting off of the bus was just as shocked as the older lady. "I never thought I'd see the day that these buses actually go through the apartments at night."

Though we planned our little gathering of meeting the bus and witnessing the outcome of the community's efforts to speak out, we couldn't have planned the older lady running for the bus and expressing such relief and genuine appreciation.

Customer service. Valuing the community. It's important.

Sometimes it's important to go the extra mile...or in this case the extra block...to demonstrate commitment, show value, and let everyone in and outside of the community know we're all in this together and we're going to do what it takes to make this community safer and more appealing for the neighbors who currently live there, the children, store owners, bus drivers, and visitors. By working together as a community, inclusive of pro-active city services, we can make this a more pleasant place to live now and a more pleasant area that will attract other businesses and services in the future.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The playground equipment is still standing. I am pretty sure that the word got out about us watching over the playground. I had to tell several kids not to stand up on the swings. I did it too!!! I let them know that we will be monitoring the playground every chance we get. We take great pride in this accomplishment of new playground swings. It took a lot of dedication and hard work and dog gone it!! We are going to take care of it. Now that we are moving forward we find ourselves being very watchful!! Next is our monitoring of DART. Once we get the route reinstated, We will be taking turns to make sure that the drivers are safe! SO!! Get the word out that their are new Deputies in town!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Seeing Results!!!

There have been a lot of changes made to the community. I noticed the DHA Maintenance workers putting up swings at the park, located off of Bexar and Canaan. They look brand new, I am not sure but no time for complaints. We have some!! I also noticed that the dirt piles were removed from around the playground. There is still a lot of issues that we face, but with dedication and hard work we will success in tackling some of them. I just want to take some time to let Ms. Cassell know, if she reads this, that we appreciate Her working with us to fix the playground. I just hate that it took so long to bring residents together to fight for what they need.

Monday, April 7, 2008

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world...are the ones who do!

Thanks to all of you who came out to the Town Hall meeting on Saturday and to those of you who demonstrated so much courage in speaking out. Though I know it was frustrating and seemed like we are at a point where people aren't listening, you are making a difference. Your courage, your work to get others involved, your willingness to get up and show up on a Saturday morning...it will all make a difference. We have to continue working and continue pushing. We can...and we will...change our neighborhood for the better. Hang in there...we're all in this together!

Friday, April 4, 2008

One In A Million!!!!

What can I say about Lori Cullom. She is a great mother and Friend!! despite all the obstacles she had to overcome, she is still working on a Medical Career and she is moving and grooving. Lori not only works part-time but she also is currently attending a Computer software. Once she done with that, she will be attending EL Centro College in the Fall. How great is that. The amazing thing that I want everyone to know is that she lives right here in Turner Courts. She is a perfect example of a women that knows what she wants and she is not letting her living situation enable her, she is determined to move up in life!!! Way To Go Mrs. Lori. I am really proud of you. If you are ever in the area stop by the After School Academy and congratulate her.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The power of community

Our "community" is growing!!

I had just gotten home from work and my phone rang telling me I had a text message:


Despite Evette going back to work and being unable to be at some of our meetings, she's making sure the community is staying on track!

After exchanging a few texts, Evette said she could be at the next community meeting to prepare us for the Town Hall meeting. PLUS, she said, she's bringing a friend!!


This afternoon the kids were at the After-School Academy having a "tye-dye party" as a part of their Spring Break activities. Mayrea walked in and hung out, helping out where needed.

Mayrea came to the last Town Hall meeting. After we left the meeting, she and I talked for a little bit. She was excited about how the meeting had turned out and said she wanted to make sure and come to the next one.

She and her 13-year old son have begun volunteering at the After-School Academy. She agreed to help out with our new idea to do a Community Clean-up project this summer.

She also told us of some good news...but I'll let her blog that herself!


Ms. Lori came to prepare lunch for the kids today. Lori has become an amazing force in the community.

Lori's neighbor, Rochelle, had come to check on her two boys in the After-School Academy. When she walked in, Sylvia and Lori immediately started asking her about attending the next community meeting.

As Rochelle hesitated and tried to come up with excuses, Lori explained to her that she just needs to take the first step and it would be easier after that. Lori went on explaining that her own reason for getting involved was because she "didn't have anything better to do" and "might as well." (and we are so glad that has been the case!)

Lori finally told her she may have to just go grab her and drag her out to the next meeting. That seemed an acceptable solution to Rochelle. Sometimes we need a friend, a neighbor to stand alongside us for support...sometimes we need them to "drag" us. That's what COMMUNITY is all about. Community is about support. Community is about holding each other accountable. Community is sometimes pushing people into things they don't think they want to be involved in and can't yet see the benefit.


After I went back to the office, I heard a loud knock at the door. Mr. Rhodes was just passing by on his way to pick up his wife.

When I answered the door, he simply said, "I can't stay, but I wanted to give you this."

He handed me a complete CD recording of our last Town Hall meeting! "Listen to it. I think you'll find some interesting things to take notes on."

Mr. Rhodes is an asset. He's lived in the community for 60+ years and is often so frustrated with the lack of progress over the years that he has a hard time wanting to get involved again. But he has a desire and a passion to document what happens in South Dallas.

Because of him, we just may have a way to document the little and big successes of the residents of Rochester Park!


Of course, the previous entry told about Ms. Haynes helping Mr. Williams learn how to use the computer. Both have been a part of our Town Hall meetings and utilize the Educational Outreach Center's computer lab now on a regular basis.

People are coming together! People are beginning to see the value in each other! People are beginning to see how they can effect change in the community...OUR community....ROCHESTER PARK!

Let's keep talking...let's keep working toward solutions! You guys are awesome!

Next community meeting...

Thursday, March 27, 2008
12:00-1:30 p.m.
Turner Courts' Community Room

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Building Relationships!!!

Relationships are forming everyday here at the Educational Outreach Center. Ms.Haynes one of our faithful visitors to the EOC did something that I thought was sooooo! cute. While at the EOC she started to talk with Mr. Williams , He is another resident that has been stopping by everyday to enjoy the great coffee. She told Him sit down let me show you something! She began to show Him all the features of the computer. I was so impressed. When She first came she did not know much about the Internet and now she has become a pro. Ms. Haynes is amazing! She took Him to the internet and showed Him how to go to youtube and look at videos. He really liked it. He sat there and watched and listened to Michael Jackson and then Jhonnie Taylor. I am not sure if He knows how to find it again Himself, but He got a good lesson yesterday. It really feels good to see people connecting!!! They are some of my favorite people!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Childrens' feelings

"What feelings do you have when you think of Turner Courts?" I asked the question of 9 kids in the After-School Academy.







I've heard some of the adults in Turner Courts say some of the same things. You can see pictures below that kids and adults in Turner Courts have taken to illustrate their feelings.

From talking with some of you, I know those are not feelings you want to have in the place you call "HOME."

So what can we do?

We take our neighborhood back from the people who are making the decisions about what they think we should and shouldn't have!

How do we do that?

We speak up.

The reality is, the people who are making the decisions about Rochester Park do not live in Rochester Park. They are not around when the sun goes down. They do not know what you know. So, we need your voice to help them understand. Though some of you have told me your situation and story, I can't represent it like you can.

Come join us today (Wednesday, February 20) at 12:00 to voice your opinions and help us decide what we want the city to hear from us when we meet in our Town Hall meeting on Saturday, March 1 at 10:00.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Let there be light!!

For the last few months, some of us here in Rochester Park have been meeting with City officials to communicate some of our frustrations (one of them being that the majority of our street lights are out!). Side note: WE INVITE AND ENCOURAGE MORE PEOPLE TO ATTEND and express your concerns as well!!!...we need all voices!

At the Thursday night Bexar St. corridor meeting at the Boys & Girls Club, many residents voiced concerns about the way things are now. The city heard your concerns! I received this email yesterday from Mr. Brad Moss, city of Dallas...

A night time survey of Bexar and Municipal streets was preformed at 6 am Friday the 8th and a list of the lights not working was sent to Oncor for repair. The lights should be repaired within 5 working days.
This is great news!

If you live in the Rochester Park neighborhood, please check out the lights. If you find that some are still not working by Wednesday, February 13, please call ONCOR or DHA (depending on where the lights are)...and let us at the After-School Academy know as well.

For STREET LIGHT concerns...
If you live on DHA property, CALL IN A WORK ORDER...THEN GO TELL MS. ARNETT in the office. All street lights in Turner Courts are now the responsibility of DHA. If they do not get fixed after you have done this, please come see us in the Community Room...6601 Bexar St.

If you live in the Rochester Park area, but not on DHA property, CALL 3-1-1 and CALL ONCOR at 1.888.313.4747.

I want to commend Dwaine Caraway, Mayor Pro Tem, for continuing to show up...and bringing out numerous city officials...to help us address our concerns.

I also want to commend Kassem Elkhalil from Public Works for working so hard to make things happen...especially getting the street lights turned back on. Without any prompting, he makes sure to email and tell me what's going on.

We are happy with the progress, but we still have a lot of work to do! The lights are just the beginning!

Please come out to help us plan the agenda for our next Town Hall meeting.

Our planning meeting will be in the Community Room at 6601 Bexar St. on February 20, 2008 from 12:00-1:30.

The Town Hall meeting with the city will be Saturday, March 1, 2008 from 10:00-11:30.

Please come to either or both!! Call Sylvia (214-928-9833) or Janet (214-498-6097) with any questions.

Friday, February 8, 2008

On Our Way!!

The meeting on Saturday went pretty good! We got to voice our concerns with Dallas Housing. They talk a good talk, but are they going to walk the walk. You know peoplle sure can speak on something that they know nothing about. I mean if you have never had to struggle or live in Turner Courts you really don't know how it feels to be neglected. There are a lot of thing that we still need to do, but you lnow what! It is going to happen. We need the support from the community to speak up, now more than ever. I know that they have said time and time again that Turner Courts would be demolished, but when and what happen until then is my question. Not one person at the meeting with the City Of Dallas or dallas Housing could answer. Why!!! Time will tell. For now we will still hold our Town Hall Meetings. Our next Community Clean Up meeting will be in the After School Academy from 12pm-2pm on February 20th, 2008. We would love to see you there. The Town Hall Meeting will be On March 1st 2008, at The Lord's Missionary Baptist Church, right across the street.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Town Hall meeting #2!

Everyone come out! We are having our 2nd Town Hall meeting for the Rochester Park community.

I am so encouraged by the participation of the people who have come to the table so far. They have done a great job hanging in there and following up with the information we received. We definitely need everyone to participate in order to make our community better.

Please come out...

February 2, 2008
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

We will have progress reports presented by different people in the community and some new representatives from the city to help us address issues.

Please be on time! We want the city to know we are taking this seriously!

I look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Community, Community, Community!!!

I am so proud of our Town Hall Meetings. We had another meeting at the round table today. It went rather well!! Their is still a lot of work that needs to be done but we are heading in the right direction. I really care about the community. I wish that more would come out. I know that it is not going to happen over night but, a voice not heard is silent! Who will stand up for their community? Our next meeting will be on February the 9th 2008. I hope to see a lot more partispants there. I am working on community relationships. They need someone they can trust and I am hoping that they will trust me. So come one come all!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Community Togetherness

I was really pleased at how the meeting went on Saturday. I know that alot of the residents did not show up but that's ok! We still have alot of work that needs to be done. I feel very strongly about the outcome of these meetings. Once the residents see that they have someone to trust in they will come. It may not be the entire community, but their are people that will. I am on it!! Their will be more people invloved I just know it, I feel it in my soul. We will gain the trust of the people. I know also that I will not happen overnight, but a change is about to come. This is the year of change!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Council meeting

Hey everybody, i just wanted to enlighten everyone who wasn't at the meeting about the meeting that was held today. The meeting was a huge success and i feel that we accomplished alot and i felt that we brought alot of the important issues to the table. We even had residents come out which i had already expected (lol Janet). The important thing is that people showed up. I am really glad i came.

~Steven (Checo) Roberts

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Town Hall Meeting...THIS SATURDAY!! (1/5/08)

The Town Hall meeting will be this Saturday, in the Educational Outreach Center (Community Room/Rent office) at 6601 Bexar St. Below is an agenda based on what several people in Turner Courts have noticed and are concerned about. The meeting will start at 10:00 a.m. and should be over by 11:30.

We plan to present the issues as a community, let the city respond to how they can/will address those issues, we will ask any questions of the city, and, finally, the city will present next steps for them and let us know how we can work with them to make sure those things are accomplished.

I. Welcome and introductions
II. Why are we here?
III. Presentation of the issues Rochester Park community
a. Crime (Monique and Wyshina Harris)
i. Police patrol
1. How often can we expect police to be patrolling? Should they patrol or park?
2. What is the expected response time?
3. How do reported statistics (i.e. calling in for shots, robberies, vandalism, etc.) contribute to more police presence?
4. Homeless men sleeping on playgrounds in the mornings (in Turner Courts)
5. Open drug deals around the play grounds (in Turner Courts)
ii. Lighting
1. Present list of street lights that are out or dim
b. Transportation (Lori Cullom)
1. Doesn’t run through Turner Courts after 7:51
a. People have late jobs
b. Bus stops are provided so we would like to utilize them
2. What can we do to help and make sure buses continue to run?
3. Hours residents need bus service
ii. Street signs
1. No directional signs/highway signs telling how to get to 45, 175, etc.
c. Code enforcement (Sylvia Baylor)
i. Cracked sidewalks
d. Housing (Sylvia Baylor)
i. DHA
1. Playgrounds
a. Broken glass in playground areas
b. Lack of wood chips for children’s safety
c. Homeless men sleeping in playgrounds
d. Open drug deals
2. Apartments
a. Slow or limited maintenance
e. City Park—Rochester (Monique)
i. Lots of bugs (needs to be exterminated)
ii. Wires sticking out on playground equipment
f. Economic development
i. Lack of businesses (i.e. grocery stores)
g. Schools (Wyshina Harris)
h. Communication (Dana Arnick)
i. Will phone booths be taken out of the neighborhood or will pay phones still be available for those without cell phones?
IV. City addresses the issues presented
V. Next steps
a. City
b. Community