Friday, April 4, 2008

One In A Million!!!!

What can I say about Lori Cullom. She is a great mother and Friend!! despite all the obstacles she had to overcome, she is still working on a Medical Career and she is moving and grooving. Lori not only works part-time but she also is currently attending a Computer software. Once she done with that, she will be attending EL Centro College in the Fall. How great is that. The amazing thing that I want everyone to know is that she lives right here in Turner Courts. She is a perfect example of a women that knows what she wants and she is not letting her living situation enable her, she is determined to move up in life!!! Way To Go Mrs. Lori. I am really proud of you. If you are ever in the area stop by the After School Academy and congratulate her.


Janet said...

Way to go, Ms. Lori! You really are doing an awesome job! And I am so excited that you are taking the computer class...getting ready for school...etc. Great stuff!

Jeremy Gregg said...

Please share my congratulations with her. Thanks for blogging about it!

Jeremy Gregg, Director of Development
Central Dallas Ministries