Saturday, February 9, 2008

Let there be light!!

For the last few months, some of us here in Rochester Park have been meeting with City officials to communicate some of our frustrations (one of them being that the majority of our street lights are out!). Side note: WE INVITE AND ENCOURAGE MORE PEOPLE TO ATTEND and express your concerns as well!!!...we need all voices!

At the Thursday night Bexar St. corridor meeting at the Boys & Girls Club, many residents voiced concerns about the way things are now. The city heard your concerns! I received this email yesterday from Mr. Brad Moss, city of Dallas...

A night time survey of Bexar and Municipal streets was preformed at 6 am Friday the 8th and a list of the lights not working was sent to Oncor for repair. The lights should be repaired within 5 working days.
This is great news!

If you live in the Rochester Park neighborhood, please check out the lights. If you find that some are still not working by Wednesday, February 13, please call ONCOR or DHA (depending on where the lights are)...and let us at the After-School Academy know as well.

For STREET LIGHT concerns...
If you live on DHA property, CALL IN A WORK ORDER...THEN GO TELL MS. ARNETT in the office. All street lights in Turner Courts are now the responsibility of DHA. If they do not get fixed after you have done this, please come see us in the Community Room...6601 Bexar St.

If you live in the Rochester Park area, but not on DHA property, CALL 3-1-1 and CALL ONCOR at 1.888.313.4747.

I want to commend Dwaine Caraway, Mayor Pro Tem, for continuing to show up...and bringing out numerous city help us address our concerns.

I also want to commend Kassem Elkhalil from Public Works for working so hard to make things happen...especially getting the street lights turned back on. Without any prompting, he makes sure to email and tell me what's going on.

We are happy with the progress, but we still have a lot of work to do! The lights are just the beginning!

Please come out to help us plan the agenda for our next Town Hall meeting.

Our planning meeting will be in the Community Room at 6601 Bexar St. on February 20, 2008 from 12:00-1:30.

The Town Hall meeting with the city will be Saturday, March 1, 2008 from 10:00-11:30.

Please come to either or both!! Call Sylvia (214-928-9833) or Janet (214-498-6097) with any questions.

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Ms. Sylvia said...

Thanks Janet! We were thinking the same. You beat me to it. Great job!! We need people to see that changes are bing made to the neighborhood. More will come. I am going to be marketing within the nieghborhood to encourage others to attend the meeting because their voice does count.