Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Keilani Smith!

I have a great success story to tell. Despite the lay off, Keilani is yet searching for work. She currently works for The Girl Scouts, but it does not stop there. She come to the Educational Outreach Center on her days off and job search. Today she told me that she is going on a second interview with The YMCA. I asked her how did she hear about this position and she said, by coming up to the EOC and get on the computer. I was so excited for her, not only for her getting the interview but because she still come to South Dallas and use our computer lab. See! when you build friendships and continue to check on others even though they are not around as much, they will never forget the good people in their lives. I am glad that we were able to stay here in Turner Courts a little longer. Many are still saying! They don't know what they are going to do when they move, because they like coming to the EOC if it is just to have coffee and a descent conversation! I am soooo!! Proud of her!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rochester Park Crime Watch!!

Yah! We now have a crime watch committee. The name of the committee is The Rochester park crime Watch. It has been years since this area has had a committee. I am glad that we were able to get some of the residents as well as organizations to come on board. I am still connecting with people to get a whole lot more involved. this is greatly needed in this community. I invite anyone who wants to make a difference and be a part to come and join us. The next town Hall Meeting will be July 12, 2008 @ The Lord's Missionary Baptist Church, 6722 Bexar St, Dallas, Tx 75215. We are on a roll.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Time is Winding Down!!!

I now have some facts about the moving out of residents in Turner Courts. I listened in on a meeting yesterday that the manager had with the elderly residents of Turner Courts. They will be the first ones to leave. I am not sure when but she told them that they need to have in mind where they want to go. Some of them don't want to leave but, the reality is they are gonna have too whether they do or not. They are definitely going to tear them down. What I want to know is the deadline for all they residents to be gone. I also noticed how they are really coming along with Bexar street. One side is already finished, and now they are working on the other side. Soon it will be complete for the new Bexar street condos or apartments, which ever one they will be.

Another thing I think DHA should do is let all the residents know that when they do rebuild it is not going to be so easy to come back. Whatever they decide, I wish they would hurry up! I am tired of hearing he said she said stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! I am focused on our program but I do wonder, with the residents leaving will we have time to finish what we started!! Never the less, I am delighted to have met and got to know some people here and it was a pleasure to have met some our our city officials. If it was not for Janet's beliefs and determination to get me involved with the community, I may have never got to meet these good people. Thanks! Janet. I am going to miss each and everyone of them. Hopefully in the near future we will cross paths!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Making A Difference!!!

I am very much aware that DHA is planning to demolish Turner Courts, but that is not going to prevent us from fighting for what we believe in. We made a promise that we would continue to bring the community together until they tell us we have to move. If we keep going with our monthly meeting and start our crime watch committee, it will be a much better community. It does not matter about the demolish, when DHA rebuilds this community, then the crime watch committee will already be in effect. We have recently heard that we have some people who attend our meeting just to let the people who are bringing the community down know what is going on, and that has made some of the residents afraid to come to be a part of the meetings but that is OK! Those of us who are not afraid will keep on keeping on. I am protected by the greatest law enforcer in the world and that is GOD!!!!! Vengeance is His and with Him on our side we can't lose!!! I want to encourage anyone who reads this blog to never give up, but to fight the good fight!!!

We have come to far! Just the other day I witnessed the DPD enforcing the No Loitering sign at our neighborhood store called Bubba's, I felt so good when I saw that, I thought to myself it is really working, because today their was not one person hanging out in front of the store. I don't know how long it will last but it will work for now. The other big change is the fact that Ms. Hill the DART Rep informed me that they have not come across any trouble since they added the new route time!! She stated that the bus will run for at least 3 months if their is no problems, and then maybe, they will meet again to see if it will stay for definite. So! you see coming together and voicing your concerns does help!!

I want to leave you with this quote that I heard that touched my soul. " Failure looks behind, Fear looks around, and Faith looks forward" take a moment and soak this in, it is very fulfilling.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Time!!!

Summer is almost here. Wonder what the children and teens will be doing? I know some will attend Summer Camps but what about the others. Summer here in Turner Courts can get really wild. I am so glad that the community is coming together to start a Crime Watch Committee. It has been a long awaited process. Now we can begin working together to make this a better neighborhood.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

EOC In Full Swing!!

Despite the changes with DHA, residents are still taking advantage of the Educational Outreach Center. I have been having a full house. It feels good to see that the residents still need these services. We are not stopping now! When the time comes for us to move on, then and only then will I stop recruiting people for the EOC and PACE classes and our monthly Town Hall Meetings. I think that having the EOC in the community was a great plan. I would dearly hate to see it go away. Many residents are asking me if we will still have the EOC available for the residents and all I can say is we will see. I am pretty sure that whereever they relocate to, that there will be some sort of service for them like the EOC. I am staying hopeful!!! I will truly miss all of the people that have made an impact here at the EOC and in my life!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Staying Or Going!!

What is the true story? We have heard soo much about the tearing down of Turner Courts. I am confused. One minute, people are surpose to move out and the next they are not. What is going on! I need to know. I have started to really build relationships and get together training classes and the hardest thing that we had to fight for was the DART. I don't know what the future holds for us here in Turner Courts but I am sure that what we have done will still continue. I am going to keep doing what I am doing to help build the community until they tell me to stop!