Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Building Relationships!!!

Relationships are forming everyday here at the Educational Outreach Center. Ms.Haynes one of our faithful visitors to the EOC did something that I thought was sooooo! cute. While at the EOC she started to talk with Mr. Williams , He is another resident that has been stopping by everyday to enjoy the great coffee. She told Him sit down let me show you something! She began to show Him all the features of the computer. I was so impressed. When She first came she did not know much about the Internet and now she has become a pro. Ms. Haynes is amazing! She took Him to the internet and showed Him how to go to youtube and look at videos. He really liked it. He sat there and watched and listened to Michael Jackson and then Jhonnie Taylor. I am not sure if He knows how to find it again Himself, but He got a good lesson yesterday. It really feels good to see people connecting!!! They are some of my favorite people!!

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Janet said...

This is absolutely awesome!! I'm so glad you captured this, Sylvia!

Ms. Haynes...WAY TO GO!! I told you you were going to be teaching others!!

Mr. Williams...I'm so glad you've moved from the coffee pot to the Town Hall meetings and now to the computer lab! Keep coming back!!