Wednesday, May 21, 2008

EOC In Full Swing!!

Despite the changes with DHA, residents are still taking advantage of the Educational Outreach Center. I have been having a full house. It feels good to see that the residents still need these services. We are not stopping now! When the time comes for us to move on, then and only then will I stop recruiting people for the EOC and PACE classes and our monthly Town Hall Meetings. I think that having the EOC in the community was a great plan. I would dearly hate to see it go away. Many residents are asking me if we will still have the EOC available for the residents and all I can say is we will see. I am pretty sure that whereever they relocate to, that there will be some sort of service for them like the EOC. I am staying hopeful!!! I will truly miss all of the people that have made an impact here at the EOC and in my life!

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