Friday, February 8, 2008

On Our Way!!

The meeting on Saturday went pretty good! We got to voice our concerns with Dallas Housing. They talk a good talk, but are they going to walk the walk. You know peoplle sure can speak on something that they know nothing about. I mean if you have never had to struggle or live in Turner Courts you really don't know how it feels to be neglected. There are a lot of thing that we still need to do, but you lnow what! It is going to happen. We need the support from the community to speak up, now more than ever. I know that they have said time and time again that Turner Courts would be demolished, but when and what happen until then is my question. Not one person at the meeting with the City Of Dallas or dallas Housing could answer. Why!!! Time will tell. For now we will still hold our Town Hall Meetings. Our next Community Clean Up meeting will be in the After School Academy from 12pm-2pm on February 20th, 2008. We would love to see you there. The Town Hall Meeting will be On March 1st 2008, at The Lord's Missionary Baptist Church, right across the street.

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