Thursday, June 19, 2008

Time is Winding Down!!!

I now have some facts about the moving out of residents in Turner Courts. I listened in on a meeting yesterday that the manager had with the elderly residents of Turner Courts. They will be the first ones to leave. I am not sure when but she told them that they need to have in mind where they want to go. Some of them don't want to leave but, the reality is they are gonna have too whether they do or not. They are definitely going to tear them down. What I want to know is the deadline for all they residents to be gone. I also noticed how they are really coming along with Bexar street. One side is already finished, and now they are working on the other side. Soon it will be complete for the new Bexar street condos or apartments, which ever one they will be.

Another thing I think DHA should do is let all the residents know that when they do rebuild it is not going to be so easy to come back. Whatever they decide, I wish they would hurry up! I am tired of hearing he said she said stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! I am focused on our program but I do wonder, with the residents leaving will we have time to finish what we started!! Never the less, I am delighted to have met and got to know some people here and it was a pleasure to have met some our our city officials. If it was not for Janet's beliefs and determination to get me involved with the community, I may have never got to meet these good people. Thanks! Janet. I am going to miss each and everyone of them. Hopefully in the near future we will cross paths!!!!

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Janet said...

...and if it weren't for your great personality, it never could have happened. Thanks, Sylvia!! :)