Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Women of Today!!!!

Yesterday started the first day of the adult Job Readiness Class, what a joy. Their was 13 women to attend. Sherika Ricks, Lori Cullom, Michelle Shepard, Alexia Cullom, Kaiesha Hallman, Kechia Strain, Jocquelyn Smith, Dana Arnick, Ashley Jones, June Mason, Gayle Barnes, Michelle Hallman and Lekeythe Hunter. Very strong women that know what they want. I am so glad that they made up in their mind that they did not want to stay in the same situation forever. They talked very deep about what they wanted in life. I see that they are not destined to stay stagnated. I feel passionate about this class. I think that something good is going to come from this class. I pray that these women continue to keep up the good work and that they never lose sight of what God as placed in their paths. True, we live in this community and it seems as if we are living at the dead end of the street but we have climbed over the top. I am determined to bring about a change in the minds of those that I come in contact with, I know that somebody is listening, If it is only one or two I have touched I have fufilled my goal." I am not here to be served I am here to serve" This is what God requires of all of us. So I encourage everyone to pray constantly for each other.


Larry James said...

Ms. Sylvia and all of our friends at TC--what a great testimony to the power of the community and to each of you who participate in this training! I know nothing will hold you back, especially as we all stick together, believe and continue to grow and learn from one another. You all are an inspiration to me. God bless you! Larry James

SPANKY-AINTIE of the projects said...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS: To the staff and students of the Job Readiness Class. I want to Thank You for the chance to enhance my learning skills. Once again I THANK YOU ALL.