Friday, December 7, 2007

I Still Have Hope!!!!

On Monday the meeting I think went rather well. I know that we can't conquer all the issues but when you get to talking about all that we face as residents, it's hard not to want to conquer them all. My hope for this meeting with Mr. Carroway is that he at least will show up, then maybe he will let the other committee member know our concerns. See! I found that a lot of the residents here have truly given up on changes to this community. Me, I have not. My plan for the future is to move but I still want to be involved with the residents of Turner Courts. My days have not always been pleasant living here but I have come along way in my perceptions of the residents. There really are some nice people here. I just wish that the people that have a say so in how things can be better, tell us what we can do, and maybe that would give the people hope. And that there are people from City hall that does listen and care!!!

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KreativeMix said...

your dedication and perseverance are inspiring :-)